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Soldier and Family Reunion

Hope Is Where the Heart Is


We are driven by a single goal: to assist Veterans of the United States Armed Forces participating in the Bozeman V.E.T.S. Court to achieve life-long rehabilitation and successful return to productive and positive lives.

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Making a Difference

Changed Lives

“The life lessons I’ve learned over the past 16 months, the friends I’ve made, the guidance that I’ve gotten from the veterans team, it means a lot,” Jones says. “I took it on and was kind of resentful at first and they recognized that I had issues and I started doing anger management. I completed MRT.”

“My girlfriend is now my wife,” he says. “We just celebrated our one year anniversary on Veterans Day. It’s something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I met Marines in this group that are going to be close friends of mine for a long time, for as long as we all live.”

Family At Church
Mother and Daughter

The How

The Foundation’s mission supports the vital activities of the Court to reduce crime,

enhance public safety, save taxpayer costs, and enrich lives by facilitating sobriety, treating mental health conditions, improving social relationships, and promoting lifelong stability for veteran offenders in our community

Your Part

Your support directly benefits the V.E.T.S Court by providing training, mentors, incentives and assistance to participants.

Thank you!!

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